Pic Of Trump Surprising Tour Group Goes Viral Over Hilarious Background Detail

by John Haltiwanger

President Donald Trump decided to surprise a White House tour group today, and he couldn't have walked out at a more serendipitous moment.

He emerged with a portrait of Hillary Clinton -- his favorite person -- hanging behind him while stretching out his arms as if to say, "What are the chances of this?"

No matter where Trump goes, it appears he can't fully escape Hillary Clinton.

Trump didn't seem to be aware the portrait was behind him as he was met with cheers by the crowd.

Every breath you take, every move you make, every bond you break, every step you take, she'll be watching you...

Is anyone else surprised this portrait is actually still up?

Here's a video of Trump's visit with the White House tour.

Trump aide and Director of White House Message Strategy Cliff Sims also posted a video of the moment from a different angle.

Little did he know that while he was sneaking up on the crowd, Hillary was sneaking up behind him.

When he came out to meet the crowd, Trump called a young boy over for a photo op.

One can't help but wonder how this boy might remember this moment in the years to come.


The president seemed to really enjoy greeting the crowd, and he probably really needed it -- he's having a rough week.

Between the Sessions scandal (which, once again, involves Russia), an unsubstantiated Twitter outburst regarding Obama, Trump Tower and wiretapping, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson claiming slaves were immigrants and the GOP healthcare plan receiving negative backlash, Trump is probably pretty stressed out.

Nothing cheers a narcissist up more than to be met by adoring fans.

But, if this moment proves anything, it's that even during the happiest moments of his presidency, Hillary Clinton (and her nearly-3-million-popular-vote-victory), will always be looming over Trump -- sometimes in the form of a White House portrait.

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