Trump Caught Furiously Arguing With Ivanka And Advisers In Awkward New Video

by John Haltiwanger

President Donald Trump is reportedly livid over the fact the Jeff Sessions scandal stole his thunder after his big address last Tuesday, February 28.

Trump delivered his first speech before Congress that night, and for a moment there, it seemed like he and the media could get along.

Some in the mainstream media were so impressed with his ability to read from a teleprompter without shouting "FAKE NEWS," they began to refer to him as "presidential."

Apparently, Trump's unfettered nationalism isn't the problem — it's his tone. As long he speaks with an inside voice, it appears many in the media are OK with him telling lies and spreading xenophobia.

But the honeymoon didn't last long.

It was soon revealed Attorney General Jeff Sessions may have lied during his confirmation hearings about communication he had with the Russian ambassador. This occurred not long after Michael Flynn resigned as national security adviser over his communication with Russia.

Needless to say, Russia is a topic that just won't seem to leave Trump alone.

Based off a video of Trump interacting with his daughter Ivanka, son-in-law Jared Kushner, Chief Strategist Steve Bannon and other advisers in the Oval Office on March 3, the president is furious about the mess his administration is causing.

According to CNN, there were "a lot of expletives" used in this meeting, and Trump reportedly accused his staff of "fumbling" the situation with Sessions.

The president was apparently especially enraged over the fact Sessions recused himself of any investigation regarding Russia's involvement in the election.

Here's a video of the meeting:

After this seemingly hostile meeting, Trump spent the weekend at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida (the Winter White House), where he once again created controversy  when he tweeted he'd discovered former President Barack Obama wiretapped Trump Tower during the US presidential campaign.


The White House has provided no evidence to back up this assertion whatsoever.

Long story short: President Trump had quite a weekend, and while many thought his speech was a turning point, it seems they couldn't have been more wrong.

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