Flynn Resigns As National Security Adviser


President Donald Trump's National Security Adviser Michael Flynn resigned late Monday night after he reportedly lied about his contact with Russia's ambassador to the US.

Earlier Monday, outlets had reported former acting Attorney General Sally Yates, whom Trump fired after she refused to defend his immigrant ban, warned the White House General Flynn may be vulnerable to Russian blackmail.

Yates and the Justice Department expressed their worries about Flynn's relationship with his Russian contacts in late January.

Flynn allegedly lied to Vice President Mike Pence, which led Pence to defend him in television interviews.


Flynn told Pence he did not discuss US sanctions against Russia with Russian officials just weeks before Trump's inauguration.

Now, Flynn says he may or may not have discussed the sanctions with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, and he was unable to remember if those conversations were had without a doubt.

Pence felt misled, leading Flynn to apologize to the vice president twice.

On Monday afternoon, the counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway said Trump had "full confidence" in Flynn. However, just a few minutes later, Press Secretary Sean Spicer read the following statement:

According to the Associated Press, two people warned the Trump administration about Flynn's contacts with Russia and their concern he could be in a "compromised position."


Flynn supported Trump throughout his campaign.

Naturally, this can be seen as a huge shakeup for Trump's senior team of advisers, who have not yet made it a full month in the White House.

While under the Obama administration, James R. Clapper Jr., who was the director of national intelligence, and John Brennan, the CIA director at the time, agreed with Yates that Trump's White House should know about Flynn.

They also believed Pence should know Flynn misled him.

A senior Trump administration official said they were aware and they've "been working on this for weeks."

Following Flynn's resignation, Trump has named Lieutenant General Joseph Keith Kellogg, Jr. as acting national security adviser.

Here is the full text of Flynn's resignation letter:

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