Trump's Fake Tan Line Just Got Exposed And The Internet Can't Stop Trolling Him


If you actually maintain the belief that Donald Trump's Cheeto-dust tan is real, you can kindly see yourself out. Or, you can read this article for the hard evidence, I guess.

During President Trump's meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on February 13, a rogue gust of wind blew through the scene as the two men prepared to enter the White House.

The moment was brief, but still ever so sweet, as we managed to catch a glimpse of the Donald's ridiculous tan line underneath that pile of wispy white straw on top of his head.


All right, I know I can't necessarily come to a definitive conclusion that the discoloration is a fake tan, but can we all agree no human being has ever emerged from a mother's womb looking anything like that?

Even the Canadian PM's hair couldn't dodge that gust of wind, but at least he doesn't look like he's wearing a face mask made of mystery lunch meat.


Twitter, of course, had a field day with this one.

One Twitter user reminded us Trump didn't always look like this. #fiftyshadesoftrump

Of course, Trump's wacky hair and disturbing skin tone aren't the only oddities  world leaders must encounter when working with the new president.

Once Trump and the Canadian PM made their way into the White House, the press wanted to capture a few Kodak moments of the two men shaking hands.

Given that dubious stare, Trudeau must have heard the rumors about Trump's aggressive handshake.

It's bad enough our nation's leader is physically repulsive and clearly has trouble getting along with others. As fun as it is to pick on these minute details about him, let's not forget the man blatantly lies about things as tiny as the weather, seemingly has no regard for the importance of national security and he doesn't respect women.

Most of these flaws are probably deeply embedded within Trump's personality, and are thus likely to remain unchanged, but for realsies, that orange shit is not permanent, and someone needs to scrub it off his face.

If it'll ever come off, that is.

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