People Can't Stop Laughing At Trudeau's Awkward Reaction To Trump's Handshake

by Robert Anthony

Handshakes aren't President Donald Trump's thing.

We first saw him nearly rip Judge Neil Gorsuch's arm off during his Supreme Court nomination announcement speech on January 31.

We then saw him jerk Japanese Prime Minister Shinzō Abe's arm around during a handshake at the White House just before jetting off to Florida together.

It's almost as if some greater force overtakes Trump's body and he has no choice but to give them the most awkward handshake one could ever experience.

That explains why Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau might've been hesitant to shake President Trump's hand during their most recent meeting.

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau met with President Trump on Monday to discuss relations between the US and Canada.

During their meeting, this press photo was snapped of Trudeau staring at Trump's hand before shaking it.

Can you blame him?

Let's take a closer look...


Based on Trump's history of awkward handshakes, most of us would likely react the same way.

You just never know if you're going to get your arm back or not.

Just ask Japanese PM Shinzō Abe...

Eventually, Trudeau gave in and shook President Trump's hand. It actually turned out to be one of Trump's calmer handshakes.

Judging by their very first handshake, though, it almost seems like Trudeau knew he had to match Trump's aggressive approach.

Overall, it seems like everything went smoothly during Trudeau's welcoming to the White House.

Not only did he get his hand back in under three seconds, without having to sacrifice his arm, he also managed to create a meme-worthy moment the internet will never forget.

On top of that, it seems like someone in Trump's corner might've told him to loosen up on the handshakes and leave that kind of grip back on the golf course.

At least for the sake of world leaders' limbs, we hope so!

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