Ivanka Trump Cannot Contain Her Thirst Staring At Justin Trudeau


This Valentine's Day, get you someone who looks at you the way Ivanka Trump looks at Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

We reported earlier how many people found Ivanka's Instagram picture with Trudeau and her father, President Donald Trump, in which she sat at the desk in the Oval Office to be offensive.


While we all took solace in how Trudeau glanced at Trump's hand before shaking it, the real peep worth talking about is the deep, longing stare Ivanka gave to Trudeau.

During a roundtable discussion about the advancement of female entrepreneurs and business leaders, Ivanka was caught staring a little too closely at Trudeau.

Look away, Jared Kushner. You don't want to see any of this.

This look positively screams, "Jared, I'm leaving you... I'm maple leaving you."

"O, Justin, I stand on guard for ye."

Someone might be getting their passport ready. I'll have a one way ticket to Ottawa, please?

While we might be a nation divided, a lot of people can agree with Ivanka's stare.

Trudeau is that one person we all know who is just a walking thirst trap for everyone he meets.

Trump is always talking about breaking up NAFTA, but really, Trudeau is the only one who could break up NAFTA by stealing its heart.

(I know that makes no sense, but just go with it, OK?)

Is Trudeau her true beau?


Let me present an extremely hypothetical conversation for you that may or may not have happened (but absolutely did not happen).

Trudeau: "Is this seat taken?"

Ivanka: "Yes, by you."

Everyone else: "Oooooooooooh."

Well, the thirst for Trudeau's syrup is very real as seen from all these photos.

On this Valentine's Day, I hope you keep your loved ones on your mind the exact same way Trudeau is on Ivanka's mind.

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