Donald Trump Is Boring: Why Nobody Should Be Surprised By His Awful Behavior


Donald Trump is shaking up the political world.

But guess what? I'm not part of the political world, and I think Donald Trump is boring.

Donald Trump is a danger to this nation. He is racist and sexist. He has gamed our political system for personal benefit and he is unfit to hold any sort of public office – let alone a private one. Donald Trump is an orange potato of a man who was born wealthy and continues to reap the benefits of that wealth to this day.

Donald Trump is racist and sexist. He has gamed our political system for personal benefit.

What baffles me about Donald Trump is that everyone is consistently surprised by his tweets, "impersonations" and insults. Why? Donald Trump is a product of the world as it currently already is – not a forewarning of the world that is to come.

People criticized Donald Trump for interrupting Hillary Clinton 51 times in the first presidential debate.

Reader, when was the last time your (old, white, male) boss sat you down in his office and said that you speaking up in meetings and interrupting him in your one-on-ones was your biggest personality flaw? When was the last time you ever heard anyone admonish a man for interrupting a woman's sentence?

Is there a reason I'm not surprised that Donald Trump interrupted Hillary? Yes. It's because that's my every weekday in my office job.

People criticized Donald Trump for insulting Alicia Machado, and instead of apologizing, he doubled down.

Surprise, reader. That's also boring.

The last time I confronted a man about insulting me, he doubled down.

“I didn't say those things,” he told me, folding his arms and leaning back in his chair. “I disagree with you.”

A no-longer-a-friend of mine told me I was dumb.

“Wow, would you like to take that back?” I asked, sure that it was a joke.

He didn't. He doubled down and explained exactly why our earlier conversation showed him how dumb I was. Aside from spinning me into a mental “am I or am I not dumb?” spiral, it stung. Not because he had convinced me I was dumb (he didn't), but because this guy felt so entitled that he could just insult me and still be entitled to the privileges that he has had for the majority of his life.

Though it's rare that we see such ignorant, vile behavior played out in the public sphere and in the media so openly, Donald's behavior is not new – it's just public.

Donald Trump and his behavior aren't new and aren't a result of the current political climate – they're the same behaviors that men in power have been exhibiting for decades. Look at Boss Tweed, at any Mad Men episode, at any catcaller who calls you baby as you're walking to work.

Is Donald infuriating? Yes.

Is it confounding to see his bevy of predominantly white, male supporters flock to his rallies one after the other? No. Like attracts like and power plays to power.

Trump bores me.

If I want somebody to tell me I'm worth less than a man, I don't need Donald – I only need to look at the new assistant next to me. He is the successor to a male employee who got promoted a month ago, while I have been fighting for that same promotion for close to a year.

If I want somebody to tell me that my looks define me, I can walk outside and listen to what number I'm deemed by the men that walk by. (Last time I was an 8.)

If I want somebody to tell me that I can't be trusted with myself, I can talk to a doctor in Utah, who is legally required to lie to me about my body.

If Donald Trump is new to you and you see him as a novelty, ask yourself why.

We have had Rod Blagojevich, Adolf Hitler, Roger Ailes, and many other men in power take advantage of their privilege to demean and deconstruct others. There's a point where the problem isn't just the men – it's also those that support them.

This isn't a reality show, it's a political election for an office that affects the lives of everyday people.

But if it were a reality show, it would be very, very boring.