Absurd Spike In IUDs Proves Women Are Afraid To Get Pregnant During Trump's Run

by Alexandra Svokos
Wikimedia Commons / REUTERS

A ridiculous amount of women have been asking for IUDs at Planned Parenthood since the election of Donald Trump.

Planned Parenthood has seen a 900 percent increase in women trying to get IUDs, according to Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards.

Many women have been freaked out about the future state of their sexual and reproductive health under Trump.

He's said he does not support Planned Parenthood or women's right to abortion.


Trump is also planning on gutting the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, which would affect a ton of women's access to contraceptives.

Under Obamacare, birth control is free and women under 26 can stay on their parents' health insurance plans, so if Obamacare is taken away, tons of women would lose their birth control.

Meanwhile, the Republicans are also planning to defund Planned Parenthood. This, too, would take away contraceptive access for many women.

IUDs are a great way around this potential issue. An IUD is a long-acting reversible contraceptive. It's a small device that gets inserted in a woman's uterus and prevents pregnancy.

IUDs are one of the most effective forms of birth control -- mostly because they don't rely on users to actually do anything (like with the pill).


But the major draw of IUDs in terms of Trump? They last up to 12 years. That's way longer than Trump can possibly be president.

Planned Parenthood (like many women's health facilities) has a sliding-scale pricing method, depending on what you can pay, and IUDs cost from $0 to $1,000.

Richards said,

[Women are] desperately concerned that they might lose their access to healthcare, and they know that Planned Parenthood is the place that can provide it.

This is why there's been such a gigantic increase in demand for IUDs.

If an IUD freaks you out, or you and your health providers decided it wasn't the right method for you, there's also the implant, which is a rod inserted in your arm. This, too, is extremely effective and lasts up to four years.

We've got options... kinda!

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