Sean Hannity Tried To Come For Jake Tapper, But Twitter Wasn't Having It

Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images

Sean Hannity's plan backfired. Hannity asked his audience to criticize CNN's Jake Tapper, along with several cable news personalities, on Twitter. But he ended up inspiring the opposite of what he intended. Instead of a roasting of Tapper, what actually followed was a wave of people complimenting the journalist, all while railing on Hannity.

It all started on Monday night, July 24, when Hannity conducted a segment praising Trump administration officials for "fighting back" against coverage of President Donald Trump, particularly in regards to investigations related to Russia.

Hannity said,

You can call out fake news right at the source. For example, you can tell fake news Jake Tapper exactly what you think of his interview with Anthony Scaramucci. You can do it on Twitter.

And that's exactly what people did. They took to Twitter and told Taper what they think of his work, but many of them very clearly didn't think the CNN anchor was "fake news."

Here are a number of the reactions.


As Tapper said himself, "Don't think that one turned out the way he intended."

It's also worth pointing out what Hannity's claims of “fake news” are rooted in.

First, there's a disappointment in a lack of media focus on Hillary Clinton. Hannity said on Monday night,

You can message Brian Stelter humpty-dumpty, Jeff Zucker's stenographer about his Russia, Russia, Russia obsession and lack of desire to be fair and balanced and point out Hillary, Uranium One, and felonies she committed.
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Yet, Hillary Clinton is not president, and has already been through an investigation.

Second, there's a disappointment with coverage related to Russia, period, which has only intensified because, among other things, the president keeps tweeting about it and the president's son released his own emails admitting to accepting meetings with Russians.

In other words, Hannity thinks coverage of a subject that has prompted five separate investigations by Republican-controlled bodies of government is the work of liberal "fake news."

It's a mystery why people ended up criticizing him instead of Tapper, really.