Sarah Silverman Just Completely Shut Down The Bernie Bros

by John Haltiwanger

Sarah Silverman just spoke at the Democratic National Convention, and she absolutely crushed it.

The vocal Bernie Sanders supporter highlighted how proud she was of the Vermont senator, but also urged people to come together and support Hillary Clinton.

On a day when many of Sanders' supporters have booed any mention of Hillary Clinton or other people associated with her, Silverman told the "Bernie or Bust" folks to put a cork in it.

The crowd absolutely loved it, and so did Twitter.

At this point, Silverman isn't exactly wrong. In fact, she said precisely what needed to be said.

Electoral politics can often be very disappointing. Nobody is denying that. It's understandable that Bernie Sanders supporters are upset about both the nature and outcome of this election, particularly when you consider the controversy surrounding the DNC email leak.

But Donald J. Trump represents none of the values Bernie Sanders fought for. Hillary Clinton might not be every Democrat's first choice, but with her, the movement Sanders inspired will still have a voice and a chance. With Trump, it will not.