It's Only The 1st Day Of The DNC And Hillary Clinton's Already Getting Booed

by John Haltiwanger

The Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia has gotten off to a very rocky start.

On Monday, Senator Bernie Sanders spoke to a group of his delegates about the election, urging everyone to stand behind Clinton in order to defeat Donald Trump. This did not go over very well.

Sanders was booed by his own supporters.

His supporters then proceeded to chant his name, signifying they are not willing to unite behind Hillary Clinton whatsoever.

Much of these heated sentiments are linked to the controversial email leak that rocked the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and led to the resignation of its chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, on the eve of the convention.

Schultz also spoke on Monday and, like Bernie, experienced a chorus of boos during her remarks.

Bernie Sanders supporters have also reportedly chanted "lock her up" on the streets of Philadelphia, adopting a rallying cry to put Hillary Clinton in prison from the Republican National Convention.

There was already a lot of animosity looming over the convention, and these emails really added fuel to the fire.

The 20,000 emails released by Wikileaks, now referred to as the DNC leak, showed the Democratic National Committee had a strong preference for Hillary Clinton and worked to find ways to undermine the campaign of Bernie Sanders.

In one of the more controversial examples, a top staffer at the Democratic National Committee questioned Sanders' Jewish faith and heritage and suggested painting him as an atheist to hurt him with certain segments of voters.

Needless to say, these revelations generated widespread anger, particularly among Sanders supporters. There were many in Sanders camp who accused the DNC of having a strong bias against the Vermont senator throughout the election cycle. They were frequently dismissed and characterized as paranoid conspiracy theorists.

Although the actions of the DNC do not seem to have overwhelmingly tipped the scales in Clinton's favor, they go against its charter and pledge to be impartial when it comes to candidates.

Meanwhile, there's evidence the leak is linked to Russian intelligence agencies, and a great deal of controversy surrounds this theory, given Trump's relatively positive disposition toward Russian President Vladimir Putin and the curious timing of the emails' release.

It will likely be a while before this email scandal fades away, and it seems poised to make the Democratic National Convention extremely divisive and contentious.

This election is quite a mess across the board.