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11 Times President Obama Dropped The Mic During The State Of The Union

President Barack Obama delivered his final State of the Union address on Tuesday evening.

The speech touched on a variety of national topics, from education and the economy to medical research and national security to Islamophobia and bipartisan work.

Obama set out to look forward at what needs to be done for the country. But he also took the time to note some of the accomplishments we've seen since he took office all those years ago.

With no election to run, Obama's taking a bit of a DGAF YOLO attitude as president. Here are 11 times he dropped the mic during the State of the Union.

Obama came out swinging against the bullsh*t discriminatory policies some politicians are suggesting.

He stood up to those making scare claims about the economy.

Although some of his claims on job growth were embellished, Obama is correct in saying the economy is heading in the right direction, even if we're not totally recovered from the 2008 recession quite yet.

On that note, Obama called out Wall Street and people's demonization of social services.

Obama announced Vice President Joe Biden would be heading a new effort to find a cure for cancer.

While on the topic of research, Obama shut down anyone trying to deny climate change.

Obama again called on the nation to chill the f*ck out about ISIS.

But he said America will continue to work to destroy ISIS and other threats.

Obama spoke out on the barriers Americans face in trying to vote.

Obama made it clear Islamophobia is wrong, throwing Republican candidates' language back at them.

He also criticized combative political arguments, with Kim Davis right there in the room.

Obama ended his speech with his trademark optimism, incidentally echoing the always inspirational Coach Taylor.