The Obamas' Professor On What They Were Like Proves Michelle Should Be POTUS


Back in November, a lot of ladies across the country were pretty disappointed when they found out the nation hadn't elected the first “madam president" into office.

While some people worried about Donald Trump's win or started planning out a new life in Canada, other people decided to make the best of the situation by looking for a glimmer of hope in the future.

That glimmer of hope just happened to be former president Barack Obama's wife, Michelle Obama.

Yep, a lot of people turned to social media after the election and begged Michelle Obama to save the country by running for president of the United States in 2020.


Apparently, Obama's Twitter fans aren't the only ones in America who think the former first lady would make a pretty amazing “madam president."

It turns out Barack and Michelle Obama's law professor from back in the day, Charles Ogletree, also thinks Michelle Obama would be perfect for the role of FLOTUS.

TMZ recently ran into Ogletree while strolling through a parking lot and asked the Harvard law professor a few questions about the famous students he once taught in his constitutional law class.

The TMZ interviewer first asked Ogletree if he sensed something special in Barack Obama during the former president's days as a student.

Ogletree said that there was something special about Barack Obama, despite the fact that the former president was always "speaking too much" in class.

However, the short interview took an interesting turn when Ogletree revealed his thoughts on Michelle Obama as president.

Charles Ogletree said,

You know, his wife should have been president. Absolutely.

When the TMZ interviewer asked about the difference between Barack and his wife, Michelle, Ogletree revealed,

He was great too, but she was better.

Unfortunately, Ogletree feels that there's a pretty slim chance we'll see Michelle Obama's name on the 2020 ballot.

He told TMZ,

She could easily be president, but I don't think she will.

Plus, Michelle and Barack Obama have both stated the former first lady has no plans to run for president.

But, hey, we can all still reminisce about Michelle being the FLOTUS, right?

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