The Top 7 Things Barack Obama Probably Tapped At One Point Or Another

by Hope Schreiber

The latest in "fake news" may come from President Donald Trump himself.

In between his Twitter rants about the poor ratings of his reality TV show "The Apprentice," the Donald found some time to make some claims about Barack Obama.

Just like his claim Obama wasn't born in the United States, Trump suggested Obama had Trump tower wiretapped during the presidential election.

Despite the lack of evidence, Trump compared it to Watergate during a "sacred election," which may have actually been influenced by Russia, but who's paying attention to that, right?


He then asked Twitter is something was legal (despite the fact he's president of the United States and should know already).


Hint: It is not legal. In fact, Obama could never order a wiretapping. A federal judge would have to approve a warrant to tap Trump's phones, but no warrant was made.

But does that mean Obama has never tapped anything during his time as president?

Don't be so naive.

For instance, America's beloved Mr. Obama has probably tapped the following:

A Pack Of Cigarettes

Something I'm sure health-conscious Michelle Obama locked him out of the White House for, Obama has totally tapped a pack of cigarettes on the palm of his hand in order to pack the tobacco.

It's a bad habit, one he gave up, but being president is stressful. He was known to sneak a Marlboro Red during his campaign.

A Sweet, Sweet Coconut


On a walk in Luang Prabang, President Obama was seen enjoying a freshly tapped coconut.

Coconut water is refreshing and delicious, not to mention good for you with easily digested carbohydrates in the form of sugar and electrolytes.

A Keg Or Two


OK, Obama went to Columbia and Harvard, you guys.

If you're telling me he didn't tap at least one keg, then I'm going to tell you that you never experienced a party at either school.

Take it from me -- I have thrown up in some of our nation's most prestigious schools, and Columbia and Harvard were among them.

While he doesn't have a drink of choice, he's not opposed to cracking open a beer or popping a bottle.

Dat Ass

Once, in a dream. It was weird for the both of us.

Hillary Clinton To Be His Secretary Of State

After Hilary Clinton lost the primary election to Obama in 2008, he went on to tap her as secretary of state.

A Ping-Pong Ball


Alongside British Prime Minster David Cameron, Obama faced off against students in a game of ping pong, where he probably tapped the ball over the net ensuring a point for his team.

A Microphone

Before giving a speech or entering a debate, Obama probably tapped the head of a microphone to ensure it was working properly.

Then, he probably didn't complain about it being "faulty" like some other president.