Michelle Obama Threw Major Shade At Trump's 'Broken Mic' With One Little Tap

Michelle Obama, queen of throwing shade, put her skills to good use against Donald Trump on Tuesday.

After what many people are calling a disastrous performance at the first presidential debate last Monday, Trump decided it wasn't his fault he did so badly.

Instead, he blamed the microphone.

Trump said,

It turns out Trump was right, and there actually were problems with the microphone within the debate hall. It did not affect the sounds we heard on the television, though, which were mainly the sounds of a grown man having a tantrum.

Michelle Obama has been campaigning for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

During a campaign speech in Charlotte, North Carolina on Tuesday, Obama was speaking about Clinton's work ethic.

Obama said,

That sounds like a regular old campaign speech when you read the text, but now, watch it:

As you can see in the video posted to Twitter, the line, "She doesn't cry foul," was particularly emphasized.

When she said it, Obama tapped several times against the microphone she was speaking into. You know, as if she were checking the microphone for plotting against her.

The Obamas have been very clear about their feelings on Trump.

Last week, Michelle said,

Trump has been setting up a good defense for himself in case he loses this election. He's already planted theories that the election process is rigged against him and the votes won't be real.

But you can bet Michelle will be watching, Donald.

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