Obama Talking About His Friendships Will Make You Wish You Were His BFF


Some people would probably let becoming the leader of the free world go to their head, but President Obama didn't use it as an excuse to treat his close friends differently.

In the latest episode of CNN's podcast "The Axe Files," the president told David Axelrod his personal friends never call him "Mr. President."

They probably get to call him "Barry." Those lucky ducks.

The conversation between Axelrod and the president went as follows:

Obama: Their relationships with me never depended on my success or outward success. They didn't — my best friends from high school don't operate any differently with me now than they did when I was...
Axelrod: And they're around a lot. You — you have them here a lot.
Obama: I do, yeah.
Axelrod: They don't call you Mr. President.
Obama: They do not.

The president also said that his friendships were essential to finding a sense of peace during his tenure,

One gift I do seem to have is getting really, really good friends around me who've got my back. And that gives you a certain serenity in the midst of a lot of foolishness.

Indeed, even the president needs friends to help him get through hard times.

Being close friends with Vice President Joe Biden has definitely helped the president survive and thrive as well.

Michelle Obama and Jill Biden recently told People that the bromance between the president and vice president is very real.

Jill Biden said,

And I don't think we've really seen a lot of that, especially in politics. But I think they really love one another.

But it seems no one helped President Obama stay on an even keel more than First Lady Michelle Obama.

The president told Axelrod,

And you know, Michelle, I can't underestimate the degree to which having a life partner who is so grounded and so strong and steady and fundamentally honest helped.

It's hard to believe they only have a few weeks left in the White House.

They will definitely be missed.

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