No One Can Get Over What Joe Biden Got His BFF Obama For His Birthday


It's Obama's 55th birthday today, and some PR genius is actively trying to shatter my sentimental and supremely susceptible sappy sensibilities (alliteration level: 100), because Joe Biden just shared this extremely cute and obviously calculated photograph to Twitter.

...I can't help myself, OK? This makes me feel.

I don't care if the most miserable and thoroughly mistreated Millennial (alliteration level: 101) intern was forced to use their $200k degree in political science to weave together these friendship bracelets for a tweet, I am super fucking down.

Yes, politics is manipulation. After all, you and I don't know these people at all; we know what their gratuitously paid PR advisers tell us about them, and nothing more. But we are human beings, after all, and we can't help but try to connect on an emotional level to this stuff.

My basic point is this: Don't feel bad for your personal feelings regarding politicians, celebrities, etc. It's unavoidable. Just try to remember that they probably have absolutely nothing to do with reality.

OK, now that I got that out of the way, I'd like to use this platform to officially ask Joe Biden for a friendship bracelet. I don't care if he gets a blind 73-year-old Malaysian woman with arthritis to make it for him. Gimme one, Joe.

My name is Alec and your smile makes me feel like you're my dad.