No, Barack Obama Is Not Serving Meals In Texas After Hurricane Harvey

by Alexandra Svokos
Martin H. Simon-Pool/Getty Images

With the storm clearing and recovery efforts beginning in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, which brought historic flooding to the Houston area, people are looking to the country's leaders. Along with following President Donald Trump's response, Americans want to know if former President Barack Obama will visit victims of Hurricane Harvey. Given what he handled in his eight years in the White House, we know that he can be a calming, comforting figure after disaster hits.

And as this curiosity about Obama's Harvey plans goes on, Fake News is spreading. A photo of Obama serving food at a shelter is being shared around the internet, with claims that it's him at a Hurricane Harvey shelter, CNN reports. That's just not at all true. The photo being shared is actually of Obama serving food at a homeless shelter in Washington D.C. on Thanksgiving of 2015.

This spread of false information comes after another spread of false information pertaining to Obama and hurricanes. Earlier this week, tweets starting going around saying that Obama didn't help during Hurricane Katrina. These were Fake News too, because Obama was not president when Katrina hit. But here's the catch: Obama actually did visit victims of Katrina.

So on the one side, we've got people spreading Fake News about Obama that makes him look good, and on the other side, we've got people spreading Fake News about Obama that makes him look bad. This is all a great reminder that Fake News is a bipartisan issue, and we all have to be more careful about what we are believing and sharing.

Still, in the world of Real News, people do want to know what Obama's up to when it comes to Hurricane Harvey. As has been typical since he left office, Obama has been pretty quiet. He sent out a tweet on Sunday, Aug. 27 recommending that people donate to the Red Cross, and that's about it so far.

As of Aug. 31, there are no announced plans for Obama to visit victims of Hurricane Harvey. Elite Daily reached out for comment and will keep y'all updated if anything is announced.

President Trump and Melania Trump went down to Texas on Tuesday, Aug. 29, but their visit was criticized for the first lady's sartorial choices and the president's lack of face time with actual victims.

Overall, it's a good time to pay more attention to the real people on the ground whose lives are being affected as well as those who are truly saving lives.