Michelle Obama's First Post Promises She'll Be Back

While many in the United States of America felt hopeless after President Donald Trump's unexpected win, it's comforting to know that former First Lady Michelle Obama, and her husband President Barack Obama, are not going to leave us.

Following Trump's inauguration today, where he was sworn in as the 45th United States President, Michelle and Barack boarded a helicopter to go on a brief vacation after eight years of service.

She promised in her first post on Instagram as a private citizen that she will be back.

The lawyer and author wrote,

After an extraordinary 8 years, I'll be taking a little break. Will be back before you know it to work with you on the issues we care about.

The Obama family is currently on their way to Palm Springs, California, to unwind before they start the battle again.

President Obama also posted on Twitter to remind their supporters that there's still a lot of work to do.


During Obama's goodbye address, he said:

Our democracy is not the buildings. It's not the monuments. It's you. Being willing to work. To make things better and being willing to listen to each other, and argue with each other, and come together and knock on doors and make phone calls. And treat people with respect. And that doesn't end. This is just a little pit stop. This is not a period, this is a comma in the continuing story of building America. …. We look forward to continuing this journey with all of you, and I can't wait to see what you do next. And I promise you I'll be right there with you. All right? God bless you, thank you everybody. Yes we did! Yes we can! God bless America!

The Obama Foundation hopes to inspire the next generation of citizens, and help young leaders develop their ideas.

We're grateful for what the Obamas have done for America, and we're excited to help with what comes next.

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