Melania Trump Used White House Site To Plug Jewelry Line

Donald Trump and his administration took over all official White House digital properties on Friday, including the White House website and social media accounts.

Melania Trump found a way to get herself involved -- but was quickly criticized for it.

There were a series of immediate events from that hand over, including a changing of the @POTUS bio on Twitter.


But the White House website -- -- also went through a series of changes with the new administration.


A handful of important pages disappeared off the White House website.

This included pages on LGBTQ+ and civil rights, healthcare and all mention of climate change.

Naturally, this alarmed some people who care about LGBTQ+ rights, civil rights in general, healthcare and climate change.

It's possible those pages just disappeared with a lack of time to get the rest of the site set up.

But if the administration lacked time and capacity for those pages, they definitely found time to plug Melania's jewelry line.

The new White House website features biography pages for the president and first lady. The one for Melania read,

Melania is also a successful entrepreneur. In April 2010, Melania Trump launched her own jewelry collection, 'Melania™ Timepieces & Jewelry' on QVC.

This struck many as, well, really, really not cool.


The move seemed to prioritize Melania's business over the rights of millions of people -- so, you know, not a great look.

Soon after people started noticing this, the White House website mysteriously deleted that line from the website.

It's kind of funny the Trump administration thought they could get away with this, given that people already criticized them for a nearly identical move.

Back in November, people shamed Ivanka Trump for using her father's win as an opportunity to plug her jewelry that she wore during a "60 Minutes" interview.

Maybe one day they'll get that people don't particularly like when a president (and his family) prioritizes his own personal gain over that of the American people.

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