Melania Trump Is Hiring Team To Fight Her Internet Trolls, So Hide Your Memes

by Alexandra Svokos

Melania Trump may not be living in the White House full time, but she still has to build out her team as first lady.

She and Donald Trump (and their teams) are still working to fill all the open positions that a new presidency creates. Those openings can be especially pressing to fill when the old team up and quits all at the same time.

For Melania, this includes a handful of staff members who will remain close by her to handle first lady affairs.

The first lady has a lot of positions that need to be filled, and she seems to be making a good start on it.


Melania has reportedly hired Stephanie Winston Wolkoff as her chief strategist. So far the president's chief strategist has called the media "the opposition party" and told us to shut up, so we'll see what Winston Wolkoff does with it.

Winston Wolkoff used to work for Vogue, so she will for sure understand Melania's need for a glam room in the White House.

Winston Wolkoff had a seriously strategic job in the past. She was previously in charge of the annual Met Gala, which included figuring out the extremely exclusive guest list.

I'm actually pretty sure that guest list is much harder to handle than one for the first lady's White House, which is supposed to be a place open to the people of the United States.

Winston Wolkoff is now helping Trump with interviews for her staff, so we should be hearing about who gets those gigs soon enough.

The gigs themselves will be interesting, with some specific to Melania's wants and needs.

She still does not have a press secretary, social secretary and director of communications. These are very important positions to help the first lady along.

We're sure she'll do some extra vetting when looking at speechwriters.


But Melania has one more special interest in hiring. According to some White House sources, she wants a team to help her handle critics and social media trolls, especially where it concerns her son, Barron.

Melania previously said she wants to make combatting cyberbullying a focus of her first lady duties.

We again suggest she start at home with America's most powerful troll.

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