Joe Biden Makes Most Savage Joke When Asked About Trump's Wiretapping Claims


Joe Biden was out on Capitol Hill on Wednesday talking about health care and wiretapping.

He was technically there with Democratic members of Congress for a press conference celebrating the seventh anniversary of the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare.

But Biden also took some time to talk about slightly unrelated issues, like wiretapping and dogs.


While Biden was out in public, he was asked if the Obama White House had wiretapped Donald Trump in 2016.

This is an unsubstantiated claim Trump has been making. Many politicians and FBI Director James Comey said there is no evidence Obama wiretapped Trump.

According to NBC News, when Biden was asked if Obama had ordered a wiretap, Biden said,

Five or six times.

He said it in a deadpan voice (indicating it's a JOKE, people). Biden then said,

Are you joking? Are you serious?

The former vice president went on to say "any gentleman" would apologize to Obama for making those claims against him.

Biden also took a moment to talk about Trump's relationship to Russia and Vladimir Putin.

"The notion that there's still this romance with Putin..." Biden said. "I'm told [Rex Tillerson] has decided he's going to go visit Putin before he goes to the NATO conference? What in the hell are we doing?"

Indeed, Secretary of State Tillerson announced he would not be attending a NATO conference in early April. Instead, he will stay in the US to see Chinese President Xi Jinping and then he will travel to Russia to see Putin.

Biden also met a pup during the press conference.

The 4-month-old golden retriever was named after the former vice president.

Puppy Biden was out early waiting to see his beloved namesake. It was a glorious meeting of the minds (and paws).


Good job, pup! You did it! These pictures leave us with an age-old question: What's cuter, Joe Biden or a 4-month-old puppy?

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