This Statue Of A Man Groping Naked Hillary Clinton Started A Street Fight

A provocative statue of Hillary Clinton caused a huge scene in New York City on Tuesday.

The statue portrayed the democratic presidential nominee with a naked chest and her arms jubilantly outstretched while a Wall Street banker attached to her side.

The work of art was so provocative a passerby, whom the New York Daily News later identified as simply "Nancy," ended up wrestling over the Hillary Clinton statue with the actual artist.

A video of the scene was captured in the Instagram post below.

The statue was erected near the Bowling Green subway stop in downtown Manhattan. Witnesses say it was placed by 27-year-old Anthony Scioli before 6 am, the Daily News reports. Nancy, who according to the News works at a nearby Museum, took action and began to physically damage the statue.

One witness told the New York-based newspaper,

This lady shows up and tips it over and starts assaulting anyone who tried to put it back up!

At the height of the conflict between Nancy and Scioli, there was a significant crowd around the statue. Some had whipped out their cell phones, of course. Others had taken sides.


Nancy, for her part, told the Daily News.

To put something up like this in front of my work place...I shouldn't have to see this.

Of course, being offended is hardly justification for destroying someone else's property, which explains part of the controversy here. Also, Scioli's statue is reminiscent of another New York piece that was revealed in the big city this year.

You might remember Donald Trump having a statue of his own, which went up in Union Square and portrayed the Republican nominee with a, uh, micropenis.

Eventually, that statue was taken down, and, on Wednesday, so was the Clinton statute. In fact, both were opposed by city officials for the same reason: A permit to display the works on public property was not obtained.

Better luck next time.

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