All Of Hillary Clinton's Best Jokes At The Al Smith Dinner

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Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump managed to stay in the same room together without coming to blows.

They both spoke at the annual Al Smith Dinner in New York City on Thursday night.

The super fancy white-tie dinner is an election tradition where the candidates get to poke some fun at themselves and their competitors.

Trump, predictably, took it a little too far with a lack of self-deprecation and lots of vitriol towards Hillary. He ended up getting booed in the hall.

Clinton, also predictably, more closely followed tradition and kept the humor lighter -- although it was definitely more antagonistic than at previous Al Smith Dinners.

The Democratic nominee isn't exactly known for her humor, a fact that she spoke about during the speech. She said,

("It Takes A Village" is the title of a book Clinton wrote in the '90s.)

But she did manage to get a ton of laughs with her speech.

Clinton joked that Trump certainly "has issues," contrary to criticism that he doesn't have policy plans.

She said he'd see the Statue of Liberty as "a four, maybe a five if she loses the torch and tablet and changes her hair."

Then, Clinton said,

She's referring, of course, to the position of the 45th president.

Here are her other best jokes of the evening.

On being a party animal.

After discussing her lack of a sense of humor, Clinton said she often hears people say she's more boring than Trump.

On Trump's call for drug tests before the third debate.

Last week, Trump accused Clinton of using drugs before the second debate because she was so "pumped up." He said there should be a drug test before the last debate to catch her using stimulants.

During the dinner, Clinton said,

On WikiLeaks.

WikiLeaks has been leaking a series of emails from members of the Clinton campaign. Clinton said,

On Rudy Giuliani.

Clinton listed the "honorable" politicians in the room. And then, she said, Giuliani was there, too. He's been a vocal Trump surrogate throughout this election season.

She said,

On making history.

Clinton joked about Trump calling out her health, comparing the health records both of their doctors have put out.

She continued, saying,

This wasn't the only reference Clinton made about making history as potentially being the first female president. She also said,

On what brings us all together.

The dinner is supposed to be a moment of humorous unity in the middle of the presidential election. Clinton referred to that, saying,

And on what we all want to hear.

Again, Clinton said she hears the criticism of herself, including that she only says what people want to hear.

Like Hillary said, the election will, thankfully, be over very, very soon -- on November 8.

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