Hillary Clinton Cried Reading Bush's Viral Letter To Bill: 'It Moved Me'

by John Haltiwanger
REUTERS/George Bush Presidential Library

Hillary Clinton said the letter former President George H.W. Bush left for her husband in the Oval Office after Bush lost the 1992 presidential election moved her "to tears."

The letter, written in January 1993, went viral over the past week.

Its words seem to make many people long for what feels like a long-lost sense of civility in US politics.

As Hillary Clinton noted, it was written after a "fierce campaign," but Bush didn't act like a sore loser.

Even though he was a Republican and just lost an election to a Democrat, he displayed an inspiring level of humility and solidarity with his successor.

In Hillary's words,

When Bill walked into that office for the very first time as president that note was waiting for him. It had some good advice about staying focused on what mattered despite the critics, it wished him happiness and it concluded with these words: 'You will be our president when you read this note. I wish you well, I wish your family well, your success is now our country's success and I am rooting hard for you. -- George' That's the America we love. That is what we cherish and expect. So let us come together. We can disagree without being disagreeable. We can root for each other's success. Where our president is everyone's president and our future belongs to us all.

This letter feels particularly relevant this week as Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has generated controversy over how he'd react to the outcome of the election.

During Wednesday's presidential debate, the real estate mogul said he'd keep the country "in suspense" about his reaction.

On Thursday, he then said he'd accept the results under one condition -- he wins.

This unprecedented and childish approach to the election is a threat to the legitimacy of America's democratic process.

There has always been a peaceful transfer of power after elections in the US, which have led many, including First Lady Michelle Obama, to harshly criticize Trump's behavior.

Bush's letter has added fuel to the fire.

Its wording is so powerful and provides such a stark contrast from Trump's campaign, it seemingly has Americans of every stripe -- including liberals -- feeling somewhat nostalgic for when the Bush family ran the country.

While Bush accepted losing with respect and grace, Trump's essentially promised to throw a toddler-esque temper tantrum if he doesn't emerge victorious (and it's not looking good for him at the moment).

Hillary Clinton also posted the letter to Instagram with a caption undoubtedly meant to be a jab at Trump and his unpresidential behavior.

The post said,

This is what leadership looks like.

America is no stranger to divisive politics, but there has never been an election quite like this.

Bush's letter, while touching, in many ways only makes the negativity surrounding this election cycle sting even more.

Hopefully, regardless of what happens in November, Americans will find a way to return to a place where they can disagree, yet still come together to root for the country's success.

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