Trump Shadily Said He'd Keep US 'In Suspense' About Accepting Election Result


During the final presidential debate on Wednesday night, Donald Trump refused to answer whether he would accept the election result should he end up losing.

In the wake of a number of controversies and plummeting poll numbers, Donald Trump is now suggesting the election is "rigged."


Moderator Chris Wallace addressed Trump's claims of a "rigged" election during the debate.

He asked,

Trump gave a very vague response,

Trump then implied voter fraud is a major problem in this country (it isn't),

Wallace, who originally wasn't going to serve as the "truth squad" in the debate, broke his promise (thankfully) and pressed Trump on his position.

He said,

Trump then offered what was arguably the shadiest answer possible,

The Republican presidential nominee is deliberately attempting to discredit America's democratic process.

On Tuesday, President Obama told Trump to "stop whining" about the outcome of an election that hasn't even ended yet.

The president stated,

He added that Trump's demeanor, and his suggestion the election is rigged, is a sign he's not fit to be president,

The US presidential election almost always feels like a prolonged national divorce. It can be very tough, contentious and wearing on the nation.

But the president is correct; in spite of all this, there has always been a peaceful transfer of power after elections -- and Trump's behavior is dangerous to the health of our democracy.

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