Hero Perfectly Trolls Trump In Hilarious Reply To 'Stranded On Island' Question

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My friends know I hold a grudge against Norway.

My family took a laughably disastrous trip there a few years ago marked by clouds, a lack of moose, long, cramped drives and more clouds. The trip can best be described by this picture of my sisters exhausted after a "short, easy bike ride" that was far from short and easy.

Alexandra Svokos

Basically, what I'm saying is Norway totally owes me.

And it seems as if Lars Tollef is finally paying up on behalf of the Scandinavian nation.

Tollef, a newly appointed foreman at a company, according to the Google translate of this article, was interviewed for a weekly column.

The young man was asked a series of light questions, including the classic, "Who would you bring with you on a stranded island?"

Instead of saying something like his significant other or The Rock (c'mon, who doesn't want The Rock with them on a stranded island?), Tollef went more humanitarian.

He said he would "take one for the team" and have Donald Trump be stranded along with him.

Norwegians seemed to enjoy this joke and started posting the clip online. It quickly went viral as more and more people appreciated it.

We learn a few things from this moment.

First of all, it seems Norwegians do, in fact, have a sense of humor.

Second of all, we see just how much of a combined joke and threat other parts of the world see Trump.

Indeed, Trump can potentially be a threat to the world, given that he's messing with international relations and seems a little too casual about, like, nuclear war.

Then there's also the policies that affect the rest of the world, including the immigrant and refugee ban and the reinstitution of the "Global Gag Rule."

But we're also still at a point of being able to laugh. Because, you know, we just elected a reality TV star and all that.

In any case, thank you, Tollef, for giving me a giggle after all the very serious, very difficult struggles I went through in your country.

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