Trump Just Casually Threatened A Nuclear Arms Race, So Get Excited For 2017

by Alexandra Svokos
REUTERS / Wikimedia Commons

Donald Trump is casually threatening a nuclear arms race, truly making the holiday season cheery and bright. He made that explicitly clear in comments to "Morning Joe" on Friday, December 23.

In a tweet on Thursday the 22nd, Trump said that the United States should "expand its nuclear capability."

This freaked out a lot of people. Because, you see, nuclear war is a frightening prospect to throw around on Twitter.

I mean, I'm just trying to see some memes, and Trump is out here calling for disgustingly destructive weapons.


When you make a statement like this, especially as an incoming leader, it kind of indicates to other leaders that they, too, should up their nuclear capability. And then something like this happens:

After causing an uproar on Thursday, Trump decided to explain his position on Friday morning — add some nuance, write out the policy plan, clarify.

LOL JK. He just called up "Morning Joe" and said let's do this chaos.

Off-camera, "Morning Joe" co-host Mika Brzezinski spoke to Trump on the phone.

According to Brzezinski, the president-elect  told her,

Let it be an arms race. We will out-match them at every pass.

Trump said that we will "outlast them all."

The president-elect apparently doesn't understand that he is not on reality TV anymore and this is not Season 34 of "Survivor."

We're not out here trying to outwit, outplay and outlast the other contestants at the tribal council. We're just trying to not die in a nuclear Holocaust and have to go full "The Road."

So Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough are hanging out on comfy chairs in front of a warm fireplace, curled up in flannel pajamas, calmly discussing the threat of nuclear war.

Sean Spicer, Trump's incoming press secretary, told Brzezinski and Scarborough that Trump's tweet really was about putting other countries on watch.

He said,

I think it's putting every nation on notice that the United States is going to reassert its position in the globe.

Stock up on canned beans and start digging your bunker, we've got an incoming president who doesn't understand the seriousness of nuclear war. Hooray!

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