Trump May Be Required To Have White House Therapist

Representative Ted Lieu is introducing a bill that would require the White House to have a psychiatrist.

Lieu is not doing this just in response to President Donald Trump, he told The Huffington Post.

Rather, he is doing this for the mental health of all presidents to come.

Lieu said,

But, yeah, he's also mostly doing it because of Trump.

The California Democrat has been a vocal opponent of Trump, often taking to Twitter to voice his concern about the president.


The congressman has legitimate concerns about the state of Trump's mental health, especially as he has been displaying erratic behavior and a disconnection from reality and facts.

Lieu said,

Lieu went on to say Trump's "disconnection from the truth is incredibly disturbing." He added,

The presidency is an extremely high-pressure, stressful position. It makes sense to want to have mandatory psychiatric help.

A 1928 law passed by Congress requires the White House to have a physician, but there was a massive stigma around mental health back then.

Lieu said,

This is something we can definitely all agree on.

Lieu is not the first person to express concerns about Trump's mental health.

Trump's friend Howard Stern said he was worried that the presidency would be "detrimental to [Trump's] mental health too, because he wants to be liked, he wants to be loved."

Congressman Jason Chaffetz, a Republican, was considering a bill in January that would require and independent mental health exam. He said,

Again, a sentiment I believe we can all agree on.

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