Clinton's Side-By-Side Clips Call Out Pence So Hard On Lying For Trump

During the vice presidential debate on Tuesday night, Indiana Governor Mike Pence fought hard to erase any memory of some of the more absurd statements Donald Trump has made over the course of the election cycle.

If you've been following the presidential election with any consistency, you're probably aware Trump has said a lot of offensive things. And I mean A LOT.

But his running mate, Pence, is either totally unaware, in complete denial or comfortable with lying to our faces about it.

Pence spent much of the vice presidential debate defending Trump.

When confronted with things the real estate mogul actually said, he either avoided addressing the statements or denied they were ever said at all.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton clearly read the minds of many journalists and fact-checkers and basically did their job for them by creating a video with side-by-side clips that call out Pence Hard for the blatant mistruths he told about Trump on Tuesday.

Based on Pence's performance, I'm not sure he actually knows Trump is his running mate.

Someone should probably inform him he's teamed up with a man with the temperament of a toddler. Although, saying that feels a little offensive to toddlers.

Kaine might've come off as overly aggressive during the debate, with some accusing him of "trying too hard."

This has led some to argue Pence won the debate.

But that doesn't mean the things Kaine called out Trump for weren't true.

Whether Pence wants to admit it or not, Trump expressed admiration for Russian President Vladimir Putin, who oppresses LGBTQ+ people, represses freedom of the press and has allied himself with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, a war criminal.

Actually, Pence also recently said it's "inarguable" Putin is a stronger leader than Obama.

While Pence clearly didn't want to acknowledge it last night, Trump has also said more countries should get nuclear weapons and women who get abortions should be punished, among other statements.

That's the thing about facts: They're true regardless of what you choose to say or believe.

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