Mom Lectures Son Who Won't Vote In Hilarious Viral Video

Kenny Okwara decided to do what many of us terrible social media children do.

He was going to freak out his mom for the likes.

In the process, Kenny and his mother, ChiChi, made an excellent point about voting:

Namely, you should do it because, if you don't do it, what the hell is wrong with you?

Kenny told his mother he wouldn't be voting in the presidential election on November 8 — not for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump — and filmed her reaction.


Kenny started filming as his mom was telling him that he needed to take a picture of his ballot and show it to her.

She said she needed to make sure that he was voting for Clinton, and, if he didn't, there would be a "little problem."

ChiChi said,

I'll seize your phone. I'll seize the car.

Kenny starts cracking up, and his mom tells him she's serious.

That's when Kenny tells her he's not voting for Clinton... or Trump. And she freaks out. First, she tells him,

Do not vote for the stupid man who doesn't even know that there's Aleppo, that there's a Syrian war going on. You're just going to be as dumb as the man.

The "stupid man" she's referring to is Gary Johnson.

So then Kenny asks if there's a "no vote" option. That's when ChiChi goes off.

You are so stupid. You have to carry out the civic duties of being an American, OK? Don't act like you're a moron. This is the kind of thing you go out there and say and people will look at you like you're on drugs, you're a moron. You're not a moron. You're not on drugs. I'm very serious.

Thank you, ChiChi, for saying what we all want to say to our friends who insist on not voting. The election is on November 8. Don't be a moron.

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