A Presidential Candidate Asked What 'Aleppo' Is, So He Should Just Quit Now

Twitter/Morning Joe

On Thursday morning, Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson appeared on "Morning Joe," when commentator Mike Barnicle asked him,

What would you do, if you were elected, about Aleppo?

Johnson replied,


Barnicle repeated,


And then Johnson asked this question that may have just completely tanked his already fairly hopeless campaign for the presidency:

And what is Aleppo?

Barnicle was stunned, he responded,

You're kidding.

Gary Johnson, who is at least an honest man, said, "No."

Indeed, this is no joke, a candidate for president in 2016 has no idea what Aleppo is.

Just in case anyone else is unaware of what Aleppo is, it's a city in Syria that's been absolutely devastated by the ongoing war that began back in 2011.

Syria is the focal point of the worst refugee crisis since World War II. There are over 20 million refugees worldwide, including 4.8 million Syrian refugees.

In recent weeks, we've seen heartbreaking images of children in Aleppo, whose lives have been irrevocably impacted by the awful conflict in Syria.

Two brothers try to console each other after their brother was killed by a barrel bomb in #Aleppo #Syria. Pain. — John Haltiwanger (@jchaltiwanger) August 26, 2016

You cannot be running for president in 2016 and not know where Aleppo is — it's simply inexcusable.

After the initial interview, Johnson attempted to clarify his remarks and, in some ways, he made things worse.

To be fair to Gary Johnson, a Pew Research Poll conducted just a few years ago revealed half of America can't even point out Syria on a map.

But, while we should all strive to be more educated on this issue, particularly since the US is involved in the Syria conflict, not all of us are running for president.

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