Chelsea Handler Tells Tomi Lahren Trump's "The F*cking President, Act Like It"

by Hannah Golden
John Sciulli / Getty Images

Leave it to liberal comedian Chelsea Handler to pull out the profanities during a political conference.

At the annual Politicon event in California, Handler had some choice words for President Donald Trump during an interview Saturday, July 29, with conservative commentator Tomi Lahren. Lahren and Handler discussed Trump's tweets and temperament, as you can see here:

Credit: Getty on behalf of Politicon

During the interview, Handler asked Lahren if there was anything in the last six months that had made her stop and think Trump was wrong.

Lahren laughed (we didn't see that coming!) and conceded that, no, she does not in fact agree with every single tweet and political move the president makes.

But the real issue came when Handler brought up how Trump has used his soapbox of choice to denigrate people -- sometimes entire groups of them -- publicly.

To this, Lahren said,

I do believe that the positives outweigh the negatives. ... I can get over the meanness of his tweets.

Handler wasn't satisfied. She came right back, saying,

But mean represents so many other things. He's kind of like a toddler, like an angry, you know, he's a toddler. He lashes out at people and he's vengeful and he says really nasty things. And he's a crybaby. ... He wines and bitches and moans, 'Everything's unfair, it's unfair, it's unfair!' He's the f*cking president, act like it!

Her comment was met with cheers from the audience.

Handler's line was far from seminal; numerous times, people have made the same reference to the president. (A fun experiment: Search the phrase "f*cking president act like it" on Twitter and see how many hits come up.)

The president's behavior, whether or not viewed as childish, is seen as problematic for most of the country. A majority of Americans -- Republicans included -- believe that the president should lay off Twitter rants and get back to business, according to a poll from June 29. It showed that 61 percent of American voters think Trump should stop tweeting, and 52 percent said he abuses his power.

The disagreement about how the president conducts his Twitter life was one of many points of contention during their exchange, which covered everything from transgender rights to health care.