Internet Roasts Betsy DeVos After Education Department Misspells WEB Du Bois

by Tim McGovern

Our grizzly bear-fearing Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has gotten off to a rocky start.

Not only was she barred entry from a public school by protesters and foolishly asked where the pencils were after her first day (teachers usually have to buy classroom items themselves), but it's also become apparent her and her family's donations to 23 GOP Senators probably influenced her confirmation.

Now, the Department of Education's Twitter account horrendously misspelled NAACP co-founder WEB Du Bois' name.


Here's an accurate math equation for you, Betsy: SMDH X 112 = Me right now.

Well, naturally, Twitter absolutely skewered Betsy and the Department of Education as a result. It began with this tweet from the NAACP.

You hear that, whoever runs the Education Department's Twitter account? It's Du Bois, not DeBois (duh).

Other Twitter users called out how insensitive this administration has acted during Black History Month.

Of course, there were those who were quick to imagine other possible #DeptOfEdTypos.

As if this story couldn't get any more embarrassing for the Department of Ed, you K? Shun... uh, I'm sorry, Education, they tweeted out an apology for the misspelling that was also misspelled.


"Our deepest apologizes?" Who is charge of this Twitter account? Kevin Malone from "The Office?"

While this followup apology tweet has since been deleted, as of 2:20 pm PST on February 12, the original tweet with Du Bois' misspelled name was still up on the Twitter account in addition to a tweet that had his correctly spelled name.

You might be able to say Trump is creating jobs because this social media worker might be saying goodbye soon to their position at the Department of Education if they keep up their pace of typos.

Then again, Trump's tweets will sometimes have egregious spelling errors and typos, as well. What can I say? It's 2017 and everything is awful.

Let's hope the Department of Education starts becoming a pillar of learning, rather than the gaffe-riddled government division it's settled into.

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