Barack Obama Sneaking Kiss With Michelle At Inauguration Is PDA At Its Classiest


Barack and Michelle Obama had an emotional day in Washington, DC, on Friday.

It was their last day in the White House as they turned it over to Donald and Melania Trump.

The day started with them greeting the Trump couple at the White House and letting them come in for tea.


It was a pretty awkward meeting on Friday morning.

Then they had to sit up on the dais on Capitol Hill and watch Trump be sworn in as president.

This had to be especially painful given the tense history between the Trumps and Obamas.

Melania plagiarized Michelle's convention speech. Donald led a racist movement against Barack.

Michelle said Donald's offensive language about women "has shaken me to my core."

According to an unconfirmed intelligence dossier, Trump hates the Obamas so much, he hired prostitutes to perform golden showers on a bed in which they had previously slept in Russia.

So, all in all, it had to be a trying day for the Obamas.

After the inauguration ceremony, the Obamas and Trumps walked out toward a helicopter that was going to take the Obamas away from Capitol Hill to head out to vacation in Palm Springs.

As they stood waiting, Barack made one small but significant gesture toward Michelle.

He reached down and grabbed her hand. He brought her hand up to his face and kissed it.

Part of what made the Obamas such fantastic role models for America was the apparent strength of their marriage.

They have demonstrated teamwork, trust and love for these past eight years in the White House.


So it was only fitting they would be leaving the White House with one last, final, perfect gesture of love and support from Barack to Michelle.


The Obamas then got into their plane and went off to the Joint Andrews Base before getting the hell out of Washington, DC.

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