25 Funniest Memes About A Possible Trump Impeachment To Keep You Going

by John Haltiwanger

Things aren't going so well in America at the moment. In the past two weeks alone, we've had to think about the prospect of nuclear war with North Korea and also witnessed neo-Nazis swarm the streets of a historic American city. It's a lot to handle and it's hard not to blame a lot of it on President Donald Trump. Trump's tweets about North Korea and his overall response to Charlottesville infuriated people across partisan lines.

With everything that's been happening, it's easy to feel discouraged about the state of the country. During times like this, a little humor can definitely help improve the mood. So, we gathered 25 of the best tweets and memes about impeaching Trump to help keep you going and lift your spirits. While impeachment isn't necessarily around the corner, polls show more and more Americans are beginning to support removing Trump from office.

Moreover, on Aug. 17, Democratic Rep. Steve Cohen of Tennessee announced he's planning to introduce articles of impeachment against Trump in relation to his response to Charlottesville. This comes after Democratic Rep. Brad Sherman introduced an article of impeachment against Trump in July over his controversial dismissal of former FBI Direct James Comey. If that's a comforting thought to you, then you'll probably enjoy these tweets and memes.

Gentle reminder...

Poor Lady Liberty.

She's definitely having a rough time at the moment.

"James and the Giant Impeach."

Who wants to come to the #TrumpImpeachmentParty?

"That was the largest audience to witness an impeachment, period."

Does this make Trump "The Joker"?

When the words "impeach Trump" are like music to your ears.

Winnie the Pooh always makes everything better.

Who wants some "ImpeachMINT ice cream"?

Wow, she really went there...

This GIF feels your pain.

People are clearly getting impatient.

Will this year ever end?!

Sounds delicious and nutritious!

Are you praying for impeachment?

Got impeachment on the brain?

Just saying.

RIP The Mooch.

How's that investigation going?


Good question!

Can we just let this poor lady go home and relax? She deserves it!


Uncle Joe FTW.

At the end of the day, the internet is always there to cheer you up.