Multiple Officers Killed During Police Brutality Protest In Dallas, DPD Says

by Robert Anthony
Dallas Police Department

Update 1:29 PM: While police first believed at least two snipers were responsible for the five officer deaths in Dallas, it now appears Johnson may have been the sole gunman, according to officials.

Update 1:08 PM ET: The deceased Dallas gunman identified by police as Micah X. Johnson served in the US Army Reserve, officials say.

Update 10:55 AM ET: The Dallas gunman killed by police has been named as 25-year-old Micah X. Johnson. He has no reported ties to any terror group.

Update 10:28 AM ET: Dallas Police Chief David Brown said the suspect told a hostage negotiator that he was upset about the Black Lives Matter movement and recent police-involved shootings. He also said he wanted to "kill white people, especially white cops."

The suspect said he was not affiliated with any group.

Update 9:33 AM ET: Dallas Police Chief David Brown confirmed the one suspect killed died in a standoff with police.

He said, "We saw no other option but to use our bomb robot and place a device on its extension for it to detonate where the suspect was. Other options would have exposed our officers to grave danger. The suspect is deceased as a result of detonating the bomb."

Update 7:56 AM ET: Twelve officers and two civilians were shot in Dallas, according to Mayor Mike Rawlings. The death toll remains at five law enforcement officers.

One suspect is dead after a shoot-out with police in a Dallas parking garage, CNN reports. Three are still in custody. In spite of threats, no explosives have been found in the area at this time, officials say.

President Barack Obama spoke from Warsaw on Friday, calling the tragedy "a vicious, calculated and despicable attack on law enforcement." He added nothing can justify such acts of violence and that "justice will be done."

Statistics from the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund show this to be the deadliest incident for US law enforcement since the terror attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. DART officer Brent Thompson, 43, is the first victim to be identified.

Update 3:01 AM ET: According to CNN, a fifth police officer has died in the Downtown Dallas shooting. Eleven police officers were shot. Five police officers were killed by snipers. At least one civilian is said to have been injured as a result of the shooting.

Three suspects are in custody. The DPD is currently engaged in a standoff and exchanging gunfire with a fourth suspect in a parking garage. The suspect is making various threats toward law enforcement including mentions of planted bombs in the area. The operation is ongoing.

Update 1:33 AM ET: Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings and Chief David Brown of the Dallas Police Department have declared the Downtown Dallas area an active crime scene. Eleven police officers were shot. Four police officers were killed. At least one civilian is said to have been injured as a result of the shooting.

A total of three suspects have been taken into custody, including two people in a black Mercedes-Benz stopped by the DPD who are said to not be cooperative at this time.

Mayor Mike Rawlings and Chief David Brown are unsure how long the operation will last and urge people to avoid the Downtown Dallas area until further notice.

Update 1:28 AM ET: Graphic video footage captured at the seen of the Dallas shooting has surfaced. The video, in which gunfire can be seen and heard, was recorded by a Facebook user.

Update 1:25 AM ET: According to CNN, one of the Dallas Police Department's alleged suspects has been taken into custody after a shootout with Dallas SWAT officers. Eleven officers were shot by two suspected snipers during an organized protest against police brutality in Downtown Dallas. Four police officers were killed during the shooting. The department's operation is ongoing.

Update 1 AM ET: The Dallas Police Department is reporting an officer spotted a person walking quickly down the street in the Downtown Dallas area. The individual was carrying a camouflage bag before throwing it into a black Mercedes-Benz and speeding off. The DPD has performed a traffic stop on a nearby interstate and is currently questioning two people inside of the vehicle.

Update 12:30 AM ET: The Dallas Police Department has confirmed the "person of interest," whose picture was circulated by the department on Twitter, has turned himself in for questioning.

In addition, the DPD discovered a suspicious package found near the suspect's initial location. The package is currently being investigated by the DPD Bomb Squad.

Update 12:15 AM ET: The Dallas Police Department has confirmed four officers have been killed as a result of the Dallas shooting. Eleven officers have been shot. Two snipers at elevated positions are believed to have been the attackers. The DPD also suspects more than two shooters may have been involved. The shooting is currently being treated as an active situation.

Update 12:01 AM ET: The Dallas Police Department and Mayor Mike Rawlings have confirmed 11 police officers were shot. Three officers are reported to be dead.

Update 11:57 PM ET: The Dallas Police Department has identified this man as a "person of interest."

Update 11:33 PM ET: The Dallas Police Department confirms 10 officers have been shot. Three officers are dead and three additional officers are in critical condition. Two snipers positioned from elevated positions are believed to have been the attackers. As of now, the intensive search is still underway.

Update 11:31 PM ET: According to CNN, at least one officer was killed during the shooting in Downtown Dallas. A total of four officers are reported to have been shot.

Update 11:25 PM ET: According to CNN, at least three law enforcement officers are confirmed to have been shot during the shooting.

Update 11:13 PM ET: According to CNN, police are currently handling the shooting as an active situation.

According to CNN, three police officers are confirmed to have been shot during a protest in the Downtown area of Dallas, Texas. At least one of them has been shot in the arm.

CBS Dallas is reporting a Dallas police officer and a DART officer were involved. The protest, which was reported to be peaceful prior to the shooting, was organized to raise awareness regarding police brutality in light of the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile.

A witness told CBS Dallas,

Whoever was shooting had an assault rifle — and I know guns. The shots were in rapid succession.

Twitter user @AllisonGriz posted a video where shots can be heard from the scene of the protests.

Prior to the shooting, the protests in Downtown Dallas were mostly peaceful.

This story is developing and will be updated as more information becomes available.