Adorable Police Puppy Gets Named After Heroic Dog Killed In Paris Raid

A British police force named its newest member after a brave canine who gave her life fighting terrorists.

According to Mashable, the North Yorkshire Police Authority recruited a 4-month-old Malinois a few weeks ago.

The department named the puppy Diesel after the Belgian Shepherd who was killed when French police raided an apartment occupied by terror suspects in November.

Diesel entered the apartment before the officers to sniff out explosive traps.

She was killed by a suicide bomber, but no officers were seriously injured during the bomb-laden battle.

Tributes for the hero dog poured out on Twitter shortly after, often alongside #JeSuisChien, or "I am dog."

North Yorkshire Police Sgt. Simon Whitby reportedly said,

The name Diesel was chosen out of respect for the police dog that died in a raid on an apartment block in Saint-Denis, Paris, in November. The death touched us all, and having the name live on is a wonderful way to respect Diesel's memory.

The new Diesel will now learn how to communicate with people, as well as animals, and become comfortable in crowded, loud environments.

After completing training, Diesel will be known as a general purpose police dog.

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