Chilling New Police Audio From Keith Scott Shooting May Prove He Had A Gun


The fatal shooting of Keith Scott by Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officers sparked violent riots in Charlotte, North Carolina last week, as many speculated he was unarmed.

But now, new audio may prove he had a gun.

Police opened fire when Scott was exiting a parked car. He refused to drop a pistol, according to authorities.

NBC News

Almost three minutes of audio of the moments before and after shots were fired was released by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department on Thursday.

In the first two, you can hear an officer talking about a man (Scott) who was parked in a car, apparently rolling a joint and in possession of a gun.

An officer says,

Roll back to this apartment complex behind you. There was a guy that's parked next to us that was rolling a joint and had a gun.

Then we hear the officer urgently calling for backup, saying,

We got shots fired, one suspect down.

The last clip is a 20-second 911 call where a witness asked for paramedics. He says,

I can't stand y'all sorry asses.

In this clip, audio has been redacted and the voice has been altered, according to authorities.

Paramedics were already arriving as he called.

The officers were apparently on a stakeout in the apartment complex, waiting to arrest another person when they found Scott.

Police released the audio in response to a public record request made the day after the shooting. People wanted more details about what led to Scott's death.

Footage from inside the police car was also released, showing the moments before shots were fired.

A haunting video taken by Reykia Scott, Keith Scott's wife, was released after the shooting as well.

She recorded footage with her cell phone. From where she was recording, you can't see the police shooting, and you can't see whether or not Scott was holding a gun, but you can hear shots fired and Reykia yelling he doesn't have a gun.

However, this new audio seems to back up the authorities' assertion Scott was holding a pistol.

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