You Can Actually Play The World's Smallest Violin Now

You know that guy in that movie, who does the creepy thing where he rubs his fingers together when someone is complaining?

Then, the person complaining says,

Why are you rubbing your creepy fingers together, like you're rolling a booger into a tiny sphere?

The creep who's rubbing his fingers together says,

This is me playing the world's tiniest violin.

The logic behind this is that violin music is sad, and that apparently, this guy is so good at playing the violin, he can hold both the bow and the violin with only two fingers. So, he can play an actual song just by rubbing his fingers together.

Well, anyway, some engineer nerds decided to make that dumb thing real. To be honest, it's pretty fucking cute.

You just rub your fingers together over this box, and it begins playing actual violin music. When you stop, it stops. The contraption uses a Google-made chip from Google's Project Soli, which allows for radar-detected gesture commands, like the ones used for smart watches.

Anyway, I want one of these immediately. Someone buy me one and mail it to me. (My address is 420 Phuck Yew Drive, Apt 69, NY.)