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Pepsi's s'mores flavor: How to get, taste, review, and more.

Concoct Drinkable S'mores With These 3 New Pepsi Flavors

No campfire required.

Lindsay Hattrick/Elite Daily, Pepsi

In Elite Daily's series Chef's Kiss, we taste the latest food and drink trends to help you figure out which ones you definitely don’t want to sleep on. In this piece, we taste the all new Pepsi S’mores Collection.

Summer might be over but one company isn’t saying goodbye to the hottest season just yet. Pepsi is making sure the campfire vibes run straight into fall with its limited-edition s’mores-flavored colas, but you won’t be able to snap them up at the grocery store. To see what liquid s’mores actually taste like and how you can get the colas for yourself, check out this Pepsi S’mores Collection review of all three flavors.

Pepsi’s S’mores Collection is inspired by the OG campfire snack made up of chocolate and gooey marshmallow between graham crackers. The three s’mores Pepsi cola flavors embody just that, which is evident by their names: Chocolate, Toasty Marshmallow, and Graham Cracker. They come in mini 7.5-ounce cans, and you’re supposed to mix and match them to make your perfect s’mores concoctions. Considering a s’more is mostly known as a summer food, you might be wondering how these infused colas can stack up.

According to Pepsi, Chocolate Pepsi has “dominant notes of cocoa throughout,” and you’ll also get a hint of vanilla with a flavor reminiscent of melted chocolate. Toasty Marshmallow Pepsi is, as it sounds, “a marshmallow base with layers of toasted notes,” per the brand. Finally, a s’more soda wouldn’t be complete without Graham Cracker Pepsi that’s “infused with notes of honey and cinnamon.”


OK, that’s what Pepsi has to say about the three unique cola flavors, but what are they really about — and how can you get your hands on them? First, see how you can enter the sweepstakes online and then check out what these flavors actually taste like.

How To Get Pepsi S’mores Collection

Enter Pepsi’s sweepstakes on Instagram or Twitter until midnight ET on Sept. 27. All you need to do is follow Pepsi’s official account and sharing a photo of how you s’more with the hashtags #PepsiSmores #Sweepstakes. Remembering the hashtag and following the Pepsi account are key to making sure your entry is valid, so double-check your tweet or IG. Pepsi will randomly select 2,000 lucky fans to win the prize of a limited-edition Pepsi S’mores Collection, which includes one mini can of each flavor. Winners will be notified via DM, so keep an eye on your account. Oh, and make sure your IG or Twitter account is set to “Public” for your entry to count.


To figure out what the s’mores-flavored concoctions taste like, Elite Daily editor Collette Reitz got a preview and tried the three flavors solo and in four s’mores combinations. Here’s how they stacked up.

Courtesy of Pepsi

Chocolate Pepsi

After popping open a can of Chocolate Pepsi, Reitz noted a distinct cocoa scent before taking a sip. “It’s not overly sweet, but there is a bit of an artificial sweetness flavor,” she says, adding that the chocolate flavor is strong and combines well with the cola.

Marshmallow Pepsi

Surprisingly, Reitz describes the Marshmallow Pepsi as having a fruity smell, and she didn’t have much luck detecting the marshmallow flavor as she sipped.

Graham Cracker Pepsi

The scent of honey and cinnamon hit Reitz in the nose as she cracked open the can. She says it tasted like honey to start, but the full graham cracker flavor — cinnamon and all — came through eventually. “It is an odd combo with the cola,” she adds.

Pespi’s S’mores Recipes & How They Taste

Pepsi created four s’mores recipes for fans to experiment with at home. Reitz made all four drinks — here’s what they taste like and how to make them.

The Classic

Mix equal parts (1/3) of each flavor together. Reitz says the chocolate flavor stood out among the three flavors in this drink, but after a few sips, she got the s’mores flavor.

Marshmallow (Is For) Lovers

Combine 1/2 Toasty Marshmallow, 1/4 of Graham Cracker, and a 1/4 of Chocolate. “The sweetness and slight fruitiness of the marshmallow came through the strongest, with an aftertaste of chocolate and graham,” Reitz shares.

For The Graham

Start with a 1/2 Graham Cracker base, add 1/4 Chocolate and 1/4 Toasty Marshmallow, then a splash more of Graham on top. As the name in implies, this one is for the cracker stans. Reitz says you really get the honey flavor coming through, with not much else.

The Chocolate Connoisseur

It’s made with 2/3 Chocolate, 1/3 Toasty Marshmallow, and a splash of Graham Cracker. The marshmallow toned down the chocolate flavor a bit, but the cocoa vibes still remain the strongest flavor, per Reitz.

Overall, Reitz says the s’mores flavors come through as intended while you sip the flavored cola. “It helps if you prime yourself by knowing what you should be tasting,” she adds. With a little mixing, the Pepsi S’mores Collection is ready for your next campfire gathering — even as the temperatures dip.

This isn’t the the first time Pepsi has come up with some ~interesting~ flavor combos. You might remember the intriguing Maple Syrup Cola, Peeps-flavored Pepsi, Pepsi Apple Pie, and Pepsi x Cracker Jack. Pepsi truly is the GOAT of out-there flavors, and I’m here for it.