35 Captions For S'mores, Because It's S'more Fun Doing It For The 'Gram

Cakes, cookies, and cheesecakes are great, but there's only one dessert that has my whole heart: s'mores. I can't wait for summer to officially be here, because I consider that to be official s'mores season. On camping trips with your best friends and bonfires at the beach, you can't forget to bring along the essentials: marshmallows, milk chocolate, and graham crackers. Along with the three main ingredients, you'll also need Instagram captions for s'mores pics.

Achieving the perfectly toasted marshmallow can be difficult AF, but with practice, you'll get a gooey marshmallow that's crispy brown on the outside and sweet goodness on the inside. In fact, the best kind of foodie pic of your s'mores treat is one where the marshmallow's dripping slightly and melting the chocolate. (Are you getting hungry yet?) If I saw that snap on the 'Gram, it would get an instant like from me.

Along with a photo of your final product, you'll also want to capture the memories of sitting around the fire with your favorite crew of people. It's the perfect lighting for a selfie as well, so when the time comes to post those pics on social media, you'll want to use any of these 35 captions. It's always s'more fun when you're doing it for the 'Gram.

1. "My love for you is s'more than I can handle."

2. "S'more summer fun, please."

3. "I love you a little s'more every day."

4. "I'd like to see s'more of this view."

5. "Doing less with s'mores."

6. "I love the summer s'more and s'more."

7. "You want s'more of this?"

Y Photo Studio/Shutterstock

8. "Like graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate, we're better when we're together."

9. "My s'more is a hot mess."

10. "Spread s'more love."

11. "Keep calm and get your s'mores on."

12. "Gooey and sweet. What a treat."

13. "The s'more I know you, the s'more I love you."

14. "Happy campers."

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15. "Let's roast 'mallows, and party s'more."

16. "All fired up."

17. "I'll stop the world and melt with you." — Modern English, "I Melt With You"

18. "I need s'more bonfires in my life."

19. "There's nothing I love s'more than camping."

20. "Hey there, hot stuff."

21. "You light the spark in my bonfire heart." — James Blunt, "Bonfire Heart"

Zadorozhna Natalia/Shutterstock

22. "Summer nights and bonfire lights."

23. "Bonfire nights are the best nights."

24. "I'm one happy camper."

25. "I love s'mores a choco-lot."

26. "Found my light by the bonfire."

27. "We're all fired up."

28. "Life is s'more fun when you're with your friends."


29. "It's gettin' hot in here." — Nelly, "Hot In Herre"

30. "Every year, I fall for you a little s'more."

31. "S'more s'mores is never a bad thing."

32. "This girl is on fire." — Alicia Keys, "Girl On Fire"

33. "S'more than a feeling."

34. "'Cause I'm burnin' up, burnin' up for you, baby." — Jonas Brothers, "Burnin' Up"

35. "The secret ingredient to life is always a little s'more."