Oreo and Ritz's peanut butter creme mashup: where to buy, review, and more.

This Oreo x Peanut Butter Ritz Mashup Is The Ultimate Sweet-And-Salty Snack

It’s serving Parent Trap vibes.

by Daffany Chan
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Courtesy of Mondelez

Remember that scene in The Parent Trap where Lindsay Lohan, playing Annie James and Hallie Parker, reveals the estranged twins’ big Oreo secret? You know, that they like to dip them in peanut butter. Well, apparently Mondelez does, and the company took the combo to the next level. Ritz x Oreo combines a Ritz cracker on one side, a chocolate Oreo wafer on the other, and two layers of creme — OG Oreo creme and peanut butter-flavored creme. See? next level. If you want a taste, mark your calendar, because there’s only one place to buy Ritz x Oreo.

If you’ve ever partaken in the peanut butter Oreo trend ignited by the 1998 film, you know dipping the cookie in the salty spread is peak sweet-and-salty snack goodness. What makes the Ritz x Oreo combo even that much better is the addition of the buttery Ritz cracker, to really bring home the savory-sweet vibes. Curious what two layers of creme, peanut butter and classic Oreo creme, sandwiched between an Oreo cookie and Ritz cracker tastes like? Well, get ready to “add to cart” quickly on May 26, because you won’t see these bad boys on store shelves.

Where To Buy Ritz x Oreo:

To get your hands on Ritz x Oreo, head to Only 1,000 packages of Ritz x Oreo will be sold, and they go on sale at noon ET on Thursday, May 26. The cookie-cracker pack itself is free, but you’ll need to pay $3.95 for shipping.

Courtesy of Mondelez

Ritz x Oreo Review:

If you need convincing to hop on the website to snag a pack on May 26, Elite Daily editor Collette Reitz got an early taste of the Ritz x Oreo mashup. According to Reitz, what flavor you get depends on which side of the cookie you taste first. If you try it with the Ritz on the bottom, you’ll get the salty, buttery flavor of the cracker and the salty peanut butter creme before the sweetness of the Oreo wafer and creme kicks in.

“Flip it around, and try the Oreo first, and the sweetness will take over,” she says. When it all combines, though, she says it really balances out to be evenly sweet and salty. If you’re a fan of Oreos and like peanut butter, Reitz recommends definitely giving this combo a try, although she warns the Ritz cracker is more delicate than the Oreo wafer, so beware of crumbs.

Ritz x Oreo Extras:

To celebrate the launch, scan the QR code hidden on the inside of your Ritz x Oreo packaging, and you’ll access an exclusive Instagram filter and recipes like Ritz & Oreo Churro Snack Mix.

Oreo is no stranger to sharing some unique combos (remember Oreo wine?), but this latest Ritz x Oreo mashup of complementary flavors seems like such a no-brainer that you may wonder why it took this long to come to fruition. Well, it’s almost here, so get ready for May 26 and make sure you add it to your cart ASAP.

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