This 'Walking Octopus' Slithering On Land Will Haunt Your Dreams (Video)

The threats posed by terrorism and Donald Trump pale in comparison to this octopus that figured out how to walk on land.

According to Cosmopolitan, just one species of octopus knows how to do this, though it's not clear where this slimy creature resides.

Using the hundreds of suction cups on its tentacles, the octopus in the following video goes from cute to slithering, sci-fi monstrosity as it hunts on land.

The Hunt: Amazing Walking OctopusThought all octopuses lived underwater? Think again.Watch Episode 6 of #TheHunt on BBC iPlayer: Posted by BBC One on Sunday, December 6, 2015

In fact, a desire for tastier dishes may be what motivates this species to begin its annihilation of mankind.

This particular octopus refuses to be content with its usual marine diet because crabs probably just look too good.

Maybe the US Department of Defense should have been planning how to deal with this impending octopus takeover since February, when an octopus nearly crawled out of its enclosure at an aquarium.

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