This New Selfie Filter Might Be The Most Racist One Yet


There is this new Korean-made app called SNOW that is basically exactly the same as Snapchat except it has way more selfie filters and is even more racist.

Yeah, MORE racist than Snapchat, a company that, to celebrate the stoner holiday 420, developed a selfie filter of Bob Marley, which amounted to nothing less than blackface.

If you don't remember it, here is a refresher.


Yeah, someone who is paid way more than you gave the go-ahead on that.

So, how can one of SNOW's selfie filters be even more racist than that?

Well, at least that filter is trying to make you look like a specific person. The filter the company behind the app came up with just makes you look like the most racist, stereotypical, derogatory "BLACK PERSON" you could imagine.

And by the way, in the list of dozens of selfie filters this app provides, this one is number eight.


Yeah, it's sickening.

It never ceases to amaze me that companies that are SO concerned with how the public will react to their content, that have millions of dollars invested in them and dozens to hundreds of people working for them can do such blatantly and extremely racist stuff without people in the companies telling them to stop.

It's because there are no black people working at these companies in high-up positions to be able to. And, yes, SNOW is made by Naver, a company in Korea, where there are probably a grand total of eight black people.

But, the company clearly still didn't think, before trying to market an app in America, it should ask some non-white American people to take a look at its products.

And you'd think companies that are trying to successfully sell something to America as a whole would be run by people who represented and could understand America as a whole.

Purely from a business standpoint, let alone an ethical one, that should be rule number one.

And yet, these companies are not; they are clearly run by people who don't understand America as a whole. It's giving capitalism a bad name.

So, yeah, expect more stuff like this to keep happening for the foreseeable future.

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