Netflix's Latest Update Will Totally Change How You Pick A Show To Binge-Watch

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Most of my time is spent trying to convince people to watch the television shows I'm into. And they never do. Never. And I never watch the ones people tell me to watch either.

When it comes to Netflix, we have our thing that we do. Starting something new is usually too stressful, so we stick to what we know we like — whether it's your 13th low-budget horror movie or your 300th episode of “Criminal Minds.”

Netflix has decided to empower your recommendations with a thing called “Flixtapes.” It's like mixtape, but for NetFLIX. GET IT? (I'm happy that someone gets paid to come up with this kind of thing.)

Basically, it lets you make a list of stuff you think is awesome and you can then share them with other people on Netflix.

Netflix is officially opening the door for social media — sort of built on the Spotify model probably, which, paradoxically, was once billed as “the Netflix for music.”

They made this video explaining how it works.

Of course, considering all the evidence I've gathered when it comes to recommending anything, I fully expect these to be ignored as well (at least by anyone who does not have a crush on you and is watching your Flixtape as both a conversation starter and important love research).

Check it out here, if you're interested in that kind of thing.