These People Get Paid To Watch Netflix And Are Complaining About It

Have you ever wondered whose job it is to select the thumbnails that pop up whenever your mouse hovers over a Netflix video? Me neither.

I mean, who gives a shit about that at all? Well apparently, now Netflix does. Because two people are majorly suing the company for unfair work practices.

The people whose job it is to watch hours and hours of movies and TV shows and select the best thumbnails, screenshots and short video clips get paid $10 per film or TV show. They are legally considered “independent contractors.”

This title is important, as companies are not required to provide independent contractors with health benefits, overtime, paid vacation or a 401(k).

Now, one of the primary definitions of independent contractors is they get to set their own hours. But supposedly, Netflix wasn't having any of that.

Instead, Netflix allegedly implemented strict deadlines and a regimented schedule that lead the two plaintiffs in the case to claim they were working over 40 hours a week.

Because of this, the plaintiffs believe the “independent contractor” title was illegal. Plus, one of the plaintiffs claims she was swiftly fired by Netflix once she informed the company that her job with it was her main source of income. If so, this could possibly imply it was worried about the possible risk of a lawsuit like this.

The title “independent contractor” is a legal loophole that many American companies – including Uber and Grubhub – have been pushing past its lawful limits, in order to cut costs.

To make this all even weirder, the “project” that these employees were involved in is called “Project Beetlejuice" by the company. The employees themselves are referred to as “juicers.”

Presumably, this is in order to distract them with cute wordplay from their borderline unlawful treatment.