This Netflix Hack Guarantees You'll Get Movie Suggestions You Actually Want

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Netflix suggestions are either very bad or very good, they are never in between. And for most of us, the dial swings decidedly to the "very bad" side of things.

The problem is, at some point or another (especially if you share the account with someone), Netflix's suggestion algorithm will get messed up because, for example, your sister watched every episode of "The Great British Baking Show" (I'm just kidding, that was me because that show is a miracle), and now, Netflix will forever think you have a penchant for old British ladies discussing yeast.

But do not fear. There is a hack to fix this.

BroBible explained the easy step you can take in order to find yourself no longer plagued by movie genre categories like "Strong Male Protagonist with Fear of Flying and a Love of Iguanas."

And they're super simple. Just follow these instructions:

Step 1: Buy a computer.

Step 2: Turn said computer on.

Step 3: Get Netflix account.

OK, I'm just going to skip ahead a few steps, sorry.

Step 69: Log in to Netflix.

Step 70: Click on "Your Account"


Step 71: Click "Viewing History" at the bottom.


Step 72: Delete the things you've watched in the past, or someone else watched, that you don't like.


It might take a second, but it will save you "what the fuck should I watch" time in the future.

Yet again, you could use this hack to thoroughly ruin the lives of any and all enemies you might have. Just find a way on their Netflix accounts, watch a few minutes of some terrible shows and delete all their viewing history.

You can then force Netflix to only suggest "Fuller House."

(To all the fans of that show, I'm sorry. Something terrible must have happened to you as a child for you to like it.)

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