Mom Kicked Off Crowdfunding Site For Offering Naked Photos To Donors

How would you go about raising money for charity?

Would you start a lemonade stand in front of your office? Or would you tweet out a link to a crowdfunding page that will soon get buried in your timeline?

There are tons of different ways to go about this. But what if we told you there are people who send nudes in exchange for donations? Because we know of one MILF doing exactly that.

Her name is Tracy Kiss. We introduced you to her a while back when we told you about how she got back at her ex by posting sexy photos on Instagram.

Since the breakup, she racked up over 106,000 followers on Instagram, and now, she's making headlines for another reason.

As it turns out, Kiss has been working hard to raise money for charities and causes she strongly supports.

In an effort to raise funds, Kiss offered donors nude photos in exchange for donations worth about $15 or more. Unfortunately, GoFundMe doesn't believe in her fundraising strategy.

Once GoFundMe caught wind, Tracy Kiss was kicked off the site.

In a recent interview with Mirror, Kiss explains,

I was shocked when GoFundMe closed my fundraising page because of my controversial photo content violating their terms and conditions, which was a single topless photo that I'd censored by emoji hearts so didn't actually expose anything.

Could emoji covering your nipples really be offensive with everything else there is on the Internet?!

You be the judge. Check out the photos below for a closer look.

Tracy Kiss is the 27-year-old mother of two who gained popularity after her ex-fiancé left her.

It's safe to say Kiss moved on with her life.

Kiss raises money for charities and causes she supports, but she is currently facing backlash from crowdfunding platforms.

Kiss apparently offers nude photos in exchange for donations.

Are emoji-covered nipples really that bad?

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