Woman Gets Back At Ex With Sexy Photo Shoot To Show What He's Missing

by Robert Anthony

Everyone's had a fair share of rough breakups throughout his or her life.

However, some of them are rougher than others. For a single mother named Tracy Kiss, her breakup was bad -- but it's probably worse for her ex fiancé.

First and foremost, the England-based woman is a single mother of two daughters named Milicent, who is 7, and Gabriele, who is 2.

Aside from walking out on their lives, Kiss' ex fiancé also walked out on a woman who knows she looks good.

Shortly after the breakup, Kiss created an Instagram account and a YouTube page where she's been posting raunchy photos of herself just to show her ex what he's missing.

In a recent interview with Mirror UK, Kiss reveals,

The mums at school say 'Oh my God, my husbands just added you on Facebook, he just pervs at your pictures'. They just make a joke of it. They say 'If I was your age, if I looked like you, I'd be doing it too.' Lots of them ask me for workout tips or dieting and beauty tips.

The results? Just shy of 50,000 followers on Instagram, over 320,000 collective views on her YouTube channel and of course, the question everyone's asking -- who the hell is taking these photos?!

We're not sure who to declare the winner of this ongoing feud between two exes. You be the judge.

Meet Tracy Kiss, a 27-year-old from Buckinghamshire, England.

Tracy is a single mother to two daughters named Milicent, 7, and Gabriele, 2.

Back in 2013, Kiss was forced to undergo an operation after doctors found her silicone breast implants were leaking.

Approximately five days after her operation, Kiss' fiancé and boyfriend of five years walked away from their relationship.

Instead of falling into the depths of depression and low self-esteem, Tracy Kiss kept herself together and decided her goal was going to be raise her two children.

In addition to that, Kiss also decided she was going to dedicate her time to pissing her ex fiancé off, one Instagram post at a time.

Since her heart-wrenching breakup, Kiss has managed to gain over 47,000 Instagram followers and has racked up over 320,000 views on YouTube.

Her secret? Showing off the goods!

She told Mirror UK she wants to prove being a mom doesn't mean you have to be a "dowdy mum in a cardigan." Moms can be sexy, too.

"I felt that after having kids, I didn't want to let myself go," she said.

She didn't let herself go. Instead, she stuck to a diet and maintained her fitness routine on a daily basis -- all while being a single mom.

Kiss has spent over $30,000 on cosmetic surgery and, according to Mirror UK, aims to be the Instagram butt sensation Jen Selter of the United Kingdom.

"I wasted so many years of my life because people didn't like how I looked or find me attractive, talked down to me, spat in my face."

"Now I think why did I let that happen? I resolved for the rest of my life not to let that happen to me again."

Tracy Kiss' answer to life's problems? Be sexy.

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